GE Artistry™ Series

Cool Is Back


Introducing the GE Artistry™ Series. This new class of strikingly bold appliances takes the fast lane to epic style. Cool metallic handles and knobs. Sleek chrome trim. Clean and classic lines. Black or white. That's it. It's everything today's appliances are not. When it comes to features, we stripped away the fancy and kept the essential. It cools. It cooks. It heats. It cleans. All done well. Oh, and one more thing: you get a full kitchen suite for a price that won't even come close to blowing your budget.

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Learn more about the inspiration behind the GE Artistry series

Learn more about the inspiration behind this series from the creator himself—
27-year-old GE industrial designer Tomas DeLuna.

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Preview the GE Artistry series

Preview the distinctive,
fresh-looking style of GE Artistry Series and see how cool is coming back to the kitchen.

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GE Artistry Series Refrigerator in black Also available in white
High-gloss doors with Stainless Handles
Crisper Drawers

GE Artistry Series

Here's the centerpiece of your future kitchen. The fridge. A bottom-freezer, to be exact.

Your fresh foods and drinks are at a nice height for scanning and grabbing. Frozen foods are down below. There's tons of space, too, so you can stuff it full. Oh, and its ENERGY STAR® rated, so it won't make your electricity meter spin like crazy—giving you a clear eco-conscience.

On the outside, the high-gloss crown door has a unique shine that gives some "pop" to your space and is complemented by the horizontal handles and GE badge. Super clean. Super cool.

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Upfront Controls
Analog Clock

GE Artistry Series

This is where the magic happens. When foods, spices and oils meet the heat. You have your choice of gas or electric (whatever floats your boat). Each option offers several burners up top, with various heat outputs and sizes so you can boil, simmer and fry to your heart's desire.

Inside, the oven is nice and large to fit everything from a couple of pizzas to a big ol' holiday bird. Aesthetically, the areas of "ooh" are the analog clock and the chrome around the window. Simple. Sophisticated. Neat and nifty.

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GE Artistry Series Range in black Available in gas or electric Also available in white
4-Pass Wash and Dry Element
54 dBA with Status Light on Door
GE Artistry Series Dishwasher in black Also available in white

GE Artistry Series

Such a simple luxury. But soooo helpful to everyday life. This dishwasher and its wash system are pretty amazing—like, 65-percent-more-wash-power amazing.** You can pack in days of dishes, cups, bowls, silverware and whatnot, and an arsenal of cleaning features goes straight to work. Your messiest is no match. Plus, it sanitizes to make sure germs don't come back to menace again.

Step back, and you'll enjoy a look that's just as clean as the dishes it delivers. The controls are hidden at the top of the door, so all you see is the smooth face with a striking metallic handle. So minimal. So gorgeous.

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Convenience Cooking Controls
Two-Speed, 300-CFM Venting System
GE Artistry Series Microwave in black Also available in white

GE Artistry Series

Ah, the staple of every busy household. You can't deny the convenience of this cooking wonder. Quick one-touch buttons. A turntable to keep the heat nice and even. Defrost options to take away the chill. Plus, it goes right over your range. So when you're cooking up a storm, the powerful vent sucks up what you don't want floating around the kitchen.

Sure, it's the smallest appliance in the suite, but it lives large in style. The brushed metal metallic handle and chrome trim around the window and controls are the definition of instant gratification.

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